Salt received its first Michelin Star in September 2021.


Salt Budapest was created on the foundations of the traditional Hungarian cuisine, 
where Chef Szilárd Tóth’s kitchen herbs and wild plants play an important role. 
Majority of these is collected by the chef himself in the countryside, 
the rest is produced by farmers. Everything in the dishes is 
freshly pickled and fermented.

Our poultry products come from Szilard’s own family meat manufactury from Szatmár. 
Bread is a prominent part of the Hungarian food culture, and it is baked and served by us every day.
Alongside the meals, friendly hospitality defines the time and atmosphere 
of a meal spent together as if it was just a family dinner in the countryside. 
The unique interior also contributes to this experience: 
the Chef’s table stands in the middle of the restaurant so that guests could easily 
have a few words with the hosts.
The two hosts – the Chef and the restaurant manager, Máté Boldizsár – often serve 
the dishes themselves. We serve home-made fresh juices and wines from 
the best European wineries. In addition to the classics, we also offer natural wines.