Kombucha and tibicos

Oct 25, 2022

Wild plants, herbs, and fermentation play an important role in Salt’s non-alcoholic drink menu. We usually recommend these drinks to those who don’t drink alcohol or don’t like the taste of wine yet still want to try some exciting pairings made especially to complement our menu. Still, these non-alcoholic beverages are fun for everyone to try!

Fermented drinks go all the way back to ancient cultures and are enjoyed all over the world to provide a long and healthy life, and kombucha and tibicos are two of these miracle drinks.

Both drinks “work” the same way: their secret lies in a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast or “scoby” for short. Kombucha is made with kombucha “mushroom” (not a mushroom, actually!) while tibicos is made with water kefir grains. These tiny microbes help break down sugar and make us healthier with enzymes that make digestion easier.

At Salt, we especially like playing with secondary fermentation. The process includes adding sugar to the already fermented beverage (usually in the form of some kind of fruit), plus herbs and spices to make it more enticing. Our experiments so far included elderflower, crisped-leaf pelargonium, Sichuan pepper, and the list goes on! Come and explore the thrilling pairings of our winter menu!

Words: Fruzsina Farkas


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