Jun 26, 2022

One of the very unique ingredients on our 2022 spring menu perfectly summarizes the two main elements of our philosophy: tradition and sustainability. And that peculiar ingredient is Burgundy snail.

You can meet this tiny creature on summer days when the rain cools the hot air a little, and as the water dries from the surfaces, you feel like you are drinking a drop of water when breathing. Be careful to watch your steps in situations like these, as this is the best weather for snails, this is when they all come out to look around.


Today, Hungary farms large amounts of snails most of which is exported to France, even though back in the day, snails had been a popular ingredient here as well. There are many different preparation methods for snails in old Hungarian recipe books, for example in Transylvanian lady Anna Bornemissza’s kitchen. Snail stew was not only the delicacy of the elites, it was a staple on the tables of the peasantry, too. Snails were usually seasoned with nutmeg and ginger, so we use these spices for our snail dishes as well.

For us, snails are not only important to honor Hungarian traditions, but as part of our initiative to be as sustainable as possible, too. The production of snail meat requires a lot less resources and space than traditional red meats while still providing a great source of protein with the delicious taste resembling that of earthy chicken gizzard. We believe that our dish not only invokes the past, but leads the way to the future.

Written by Fruzsina Farkas


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